Koolbreeze Climateasy 14 High Capacity Heat Pump

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Koolbreeze Climateasy 14 Heat Pump - Ideal for larger areas
4.1kW Cooling + 4.1kW Heating
Extremely Compact & Quiet - 42 dba minimum & 48dbA maximum
Complete with 2 metre exhaust hose, window adapter and window mounting board for sash type windows
Remote controller
Price £565 2/3 day delivery. Next day delivery +£30 (order before 1pm)
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This revised Climateasy 14 portable air conditioner is ideal for the larger areas offering 4.4kw of cooling + 4.1kW of heating as this unit is also an energy efficient heat pump. If used as a heater you will consume around 1.5kw of electricity but that will give you 4.1kw of heat output.

Instruction Manual

Remote control & sash window kit included. Will fit  sash window up to 1.25m in width



  • Cooling Capacity: 4.1kW
  • Heating Capacity: 4.1kW
  • Auto swing louvres
  • Exhaust Hose: 2m x 14.7cm complete with window adapter and window mounting board for sash type windows
  • Dimensions: H830mm x W440mm x D410mm
  • Weight: 34kgs gross 
  • Sound levels: Less than 48dba
  • Power consumption: 1500W
  • Air volume (max speed): 450m³/h
  • Power supply: 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Fan speeds: 3
  • Warranty: 1-year return to base parts & labour. Return shipping costs must be met by the buyer.
  • Efficiency-A New Energy Rating "A"
  • Auto Mode Operation This portable air conditioner is a heat pump that provides both cooling and very energy efficient heating. An auto mode is available that will decide whether cooling or heating is required. However, using this machine in auto mode may not be suitable for many users due to the wide temperature tolerance between operating in cooling & heating, as these temperature parameters are fixed. We recommend using the machine by selecting the cooling or heating mode where you can then select your temperature.

Important: Exhaust hoses to be installed as per the instructions and not extended. Failure to do so may invalidate warranty.
Please ensure hose length is adequate.
Unit must be vented outside when in AC and heater modes. For the purposes of EU regulation EN12102 this is a “local air conditioner” and produces less than 65Dbl sound energy.